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I was born and raised in a small oasis of nature in the suburbs. Always with my head in a book, my dreams in the clouds, and my hands on a rock or crystal, I wandered my way through early life spending time in the nearby creek or on my tree swing. I made necklaces out of the rusted skeleton keys that were scattered in the dirt around our house, which led me on adventures. I was always drawn to the sun and to sun symbols, and the planets felt familiar. I felt like I lived in a different world than everyone else, and my imagination reigned supreme.  


My journey as an intuitive has been a lifelong one. As a child, I would talk and sing to animals and trees while hunting for arrowheads and stones. I would tell people things I could not have known, having no idea it wasn't common knowledge. I would watch UFOs streak through the sky on a regular basis - sometimes quick and loud, other times silent, blinking, and slow-moving.  


I have always been an avid reader, and my claircognitive abilities manifest strongly through the written word. I am also an intuitive empath, with clairvoyant information coming along as we go.  

As I helped people on spiritual journeys and regressions, the psychic part of myself came flooding back to me. I had tamped it down to emotionally survive, and I began freeing myself of those limitations and realigning with the divine. I made meditation a regular part of my life, and started going on silent meditation retreats. Afterward, a new world opened up to me where I learned how to tune in and accept the truth as it is. The floodgates were opened and I started an intuitive consultation and spiritual regression hypnotherapy practice.  

When I'm not working with clients or meditating, you will find me reading, out in nature, writing, studying astrology, or hanging out with family.

2020 edit: I am now a Certified Astrologer by the American Federation of Astrologers (AMAFA)!

This was a lifelong passion and study put to the test via an 8 hour certification where we erect a chart by hand - making the most of an unusual year!

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