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Northern Lights

This is a unique hybrid session that has organically formulated itself in my work over the years!

It consists of a reading at the beginning and then what can be described as "Higher-Self contact meditation" or "intuitive hypnotherapy."

If you are returning, know that each session is designed to take you deeper into the core of your being, led by your own guidance team. I facilitate your own contact with your natural intuitive abilities, guides, higher self, passed loved ones, or cosmic connections. Your soul leads the way. 


We reach beautiful heights in these sessions.

We connect with ourselves in a deeper way; we release, cleanse, and forgive; we get ongoing "homework" to continue in your own unique spiritual practice. 

90 mins - $155

120 mins - $200


My past-life regressions (PLR) are focused on taking you to a past life, with healing relevance to your current situation. 

PLR takes you directly to what your soul needs you to see first. I explain it like an onion: we see the outer layers first, and in further sessions we get deeper and deeper into the layers of the soul. 

My work is "psychic surgery" and "soul retrieval" by nature, because that is how my energy is set up, so we go directly to the root of your question or situation with whatever presents in your previous incarnations, be it concrete or symbolic.

Sometimes we have issues to see and clear before our question can be addressed, and this occurs naturally in these sessions if so.

The root that presents can depend on the openness and readiness of the client, but my sessions are always heart-led and infused with warmth so that there is safety in seeing! After the root, you are given "the medicine," or the guidance on healing moving forward. 

90 mins - $155


These are hour-long sessions where we discuss your natal chart on a deep soul level. I focus on whatever you want, but here are some examples: 

-How are you in relationships with your children, partner, or friends? I LOVE synastry charts between a parent/stepparent and their child! 

-What are your soul gifts?

-What is your purpose or highest timelines?

-What kind of career will you have, and how do you work? (these are two different things!)

-And most of all - how can you get there? 

I am Certified through the American Federation of Astrologers at the Professional PMAFA status, and I blend my intuitive and mediumistic abilities in these sessions. 

60 mins - $100


I have an ongoing group of Intermediate Intuition Development that is every other Monday evening from 6:30-8:30 pm Central time. 


Pricing is a sliding scale of $25-$45

These groups are meant to inspire ongoing contact with your higher self!


Please email me about current openings and which group you are interested in!


This is a package of 3 sessions of 90-minutes, you can choose the Intuitive Healings or Past Life Regressions - or do a blend of both!

 I suggest allowing yourself to feel intuitively when to schedule your sessions. You can schedule all 3 at once or one at a time.

You can put your preferred focus in the intake form or just go with the flow!

You can also use this package to focus on Intuition Development - just let me know in your intake form!

3 sessions at 90 minutes each: $415  (a $50 savings)  Expiration: one year


For the deepest work, my clients opt for a mentorship-style program where we connect with your guidance on a continual basis to get you to the next level.

These sessions can entail what you need to enhance energetically - whether that's a reading, intuitive healing, or regression work within the timeframe of an hour each. 

There is often "homework" involved that continues your connection and progress between each session! 


This is a perfect option for: 

-Developing intuition.

-Ongoing healing support.

-Ongoing intuitive consultation and astrological consulting.

-Wonderful for healers and intuitives wanting to start or continue to support a professional practice. 


If you have never worked with me before, I suggest an Intuitive Healing session first before booking this package! :) 

6 hour-long sessions over the course of your choice of 2 to 6 months: 

$555  (a $195 savings). Expiration: one year


-If you cannot decide, I suggest to start with an Intuitive Healing session.
-I always suggest not to drink too much caffeine before your sessions so you can fully relax! 

-My sessions are remote: you choose in the Intake Form if you prefer phone, Skype, Zoom, or WhatsApp by putting your contact information there.

-I will contact you via the contact info you put in at the session time!

-Please make sure you put in your time zone, phone number, and other contact info correctly!

-You can put your Zoom invite in the intake form - OR if I don't see it there I will email you an invite at the address you provided about 5 minutes before your session start time!

-I sometimes offer in-person days every once in a while: join my newsletter for updates on this and how to book!
-I do not record sessions automatically but I do STRONGLY encourage you to record sessions yourself! Oftentimes, deep insights are further gleaned later because that is the timeline we were on!
You can use the Skype/Zoom record button, a Voice Memo app on your phone, or put your phone on speakerphone and record using a computer program like GarageBand!

-I am always willing to record for you if you ask, so feel free to remind me at the start of your session if that is what you prefer :)

-I am open to starting new groups, so feel free to email me if you have a preference for a day/time and focus!

-My husband Dr. Suman with the Karuna Center and I are both regular speakers and facilitators at spiritual retreats, so if you have an idea or an upcoming retreat, feel free to reach out!

-Click HERE to read my Terms in full.

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