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I didn't know what to expect before I called Olivia for my intuitive reading consultation, but it was really amazing. I'd been wanting to talk to someone like her for a long while, but I never felt the time was right.  She immediately made me feel comfortable.  As soon as the reading began, it was relaxed and easy.  Her reading of my chakras confirmed what I already knew, which helped me trust my own intuition, but her ability to connect with my spirit guides helped me contextualize the information and know how to deal with certain life issues with greater clarity and understanding.  Hearing her tell me about my spirit guides and them communicating through her was powerful and emotional, like seeing a close friend for the first time in decades.  Hearing them come through for the first time was incredibly exciting.  It seems like most people in my life, whether family or friends, don't connect with the spiritual side in a totally open way, even if they accept reincarnation, so it can be a bit heavy at times not having many people to openly share experiences with and ask questions, but Olivia's reading really helped me feel good about my relationship with my spirituality and it not feel so much like a secret. 


It's easy to forget the bigger life picture and get caught up in the pain and suffering of life.  Connecting in such a powerful way through Olivia to the spirit world really helped me feel better about what I'm dealing with in this life.  It helped me know what I need to do to achieve my goals.  It helped me remember on a deeper level our connection to the spirit world and feel more connected with how we manifest our reality, which really helped me feel balanced and more in control.  I finished the 2 readings I did with Olivia feeling empowered, balanced, more connected with my life-purpose, and supported by my spirited guides in a new, more tangible way.  I've already recommended her to people and would to anyone interested in learning more about themselves and how to live a more intentional life.  Thanks again for the readings. I really enjoyed them and they made a huge difference.


-Lane, 31




My entire life I have been an outgoing person and well-liked yet the same problem came up over and over without explanation and quite abruptly.  A friend suggested that I see Olivia to reverse the karma of why people often leave me and always very suddenly.  To me this was a tall order.  Could a past life regression really change this Karma?  Would the fear of someone leaving me yet again be really wiped away?  


I am writing this months after our session and I can honestly say yes to both questions. After the session I asked could all I experienced have been real or did I make it up?  I came to the conclusion that I do not care because the fear has left me and I got all the answers I needed.  For the first time in my life I am not driven or controlled by abandonment and the result is freedom and internal knowing.  It is as simple as that.


Olivia has a soothing voice and knew exactly how to guide me without pushing.  In my opinion it is worth trying even if skeptical because once the issue is resolved there is no dwelling or return visits regarding the issue.  It takes only one session!


-Sophia, 47




I highly recommend Olivia.  She uses a powerful combination or intuition, heart and technique to achieve profound, lasting results.  She helped me to break through an old pattern which had kept me stuck for many years.


-Rob, 45




I would say my favorite part of my reading with olivia was the comfortability of the session. having never had a spiritual reading before, i didn't quite know what to expect, but i knew without a doubt that i was in good hands. olivia made me feel safe and comfortable during the entire session, allowing me to really delve into the matters to find the answers i was seeking.


i had specific situations i was seeking insight for. through the gentle direction of olivia's questions, my mind and self were able to navigate directly to the pressing matters. through speaking and seeing what was hidden in my mind's eye, the clutter of my confusion cleared and i was able to really see the situations for what they were. i left the session with a much clearer view of how to approach the specific situations moving forward. the mind always seems to be able to shove certain uncomfortable thoughts into darkness, but often times the only way to constructively move forward is to bring said uncomfortable thoughts to light. olivia's session enabled me to peacefully deal with these uncomfortable necessities and break them apart, making them tools for my success versus burdens.


I would absolutely recommend Olivia to anyone seeking a better, deeper understanding of their mind's workings. With the mind being our most valuable tool and resource, it is so healthy to have someone like Olivia guide you through your cluster of thoughts. Whether seeking answers on something specific or just life in general, you will leave with a heightened sense of understanding and calm. I can't wait to see her again myself.


-Jessica, 28




The best part of this training seminar was my session with Olivia!   


-Rainer, 58




While it is difficult to pick a favorite area to praise,  I can say with certainty I am a changed person after my session.  Olivia is a gifted...guider.  I have tried hypnotherapy before without success.  This was a great experience.  She helped me remember my center.  To accept what is in front of me and interpret my situation differently.  I was so energized by our session, and truthfully still am months later.  It is comforting to remember that time and recall the things that happened in our session.  I would recommend a session to others.  I am kind of a cynic.  I didn't really believe I could be taken under.  It isn't something that can be described easily but Olivia didn't put me in a trance like most would think of hypnotherapy.  It was more like a journey.  She guided me to all the places I needed to go.  She showed me the doors were there.


-Carmen, 30

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