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Intuitive Consultation


I do intuitive readings without the use of any tools or aids, unless requested. I am an intuitive empath that works from a claircognitive and clairvoyant standpoint. I work with my guides as well as yours to help you make sense of your life, with a "spiritual counseling" style that gives you clarity. My goal is to provide you with information that authentically moves you forward. I specialize in helping you integrate your feelings and experiences with additional insight, helping you reframe patterns.


My favorite focus in a reading is paranormal and supernatural experiences and connections. I love to focus on the multidimensional aspects of your life, helping you heal and move further into your purpose.      


I also do many Empath Support readings where I help you workshop your own empathic tendencies and psychic abilities in your daily life as well as your spiritual practice. Intuition training and workshops are also available in groups and one-on-one. I also love doing Meet Your Spirit Guide group sessions!


Come with an intention for your session as well as any questions! I do readings via phone, Skype, or in person at my Nashville studio. I can also use Zoom, I just ask that you email me your link at the time of scheduling.  

Past Life Regression Nashville

Regression Sessions


I use a unique form of regression hypnotherapy that allows you to connect with exactly what your spirit needs. This could include past-life regression, life-between-life, spirit guide meetings, integrating/remembering experiences, inner child healing, mediumship, and soul journeys with unlimited possibilities. I also do psychic development regressions where you learn how to utilize your unique way of connecting.


We all contain everything we need to heal ourselves. My process reminds you how to tap into your own source, in your own way. My purpose and intention is to help others reconnect with their spirit and innate subtle abilities. The more you explore regression work, the deeper you are able to go and the more you are able to see. 

I would suggest a regression for anyone interested in psychic development. I would also suggest a regression for more insight on memories or experiences. The main difference between a reading and a regression is that in readings, I talk more, telling you what I I get from your guides and mine. In a regression, you do most of the talking, connecting for yourself, with my intuitive support and perspective at the end. Both offer strong validation. If you are on the fence, go with the one you were originally drawn to for your first session!


See my blog post for more information on regressions. I use Skype, and I ask that you do not drink too much coffee or stimulants beforehand so that you can fully relax. I also ask that you are in a room by yourself, where no partners, children, or pets will come in for the 90 minutes of your session. Please be in a comfortable position, either in a comfortable, supportive chair, recliner, or propped up in your bed. Have a glass of water with you, and use the restroom before the hour begins to make the most of your time. Know that it is a very relaxing experience, but it is also a lot of new work in the spirit body. Give yourself time to integrate afterward by not having too many demanding plans after the session.

I am also willing to use Zoom if you email me your link when you schedule your session.  

Intuitive Consultant Olivia Nashville