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My Hypnotherapy Philosophy

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

One of the most important things I like to make sure all my clients and potential clients understand about me is my philosophy about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

My philosophy is that the world does not need to be hypnotized, it needs to be dehypnotized.

Hypnotherapy Nashville

Hypnotherapy is how I work: it is the self-healing intention of the use of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a state of altered brainwaves and we have all experienced it, either knowingly or unknowingly, since we were born. It is a natural state that we each go in and out of every day.

Advertising, news and media, our families, and our institutions and structures that make up the very fabric of our society use hypnosis in order to create and maintain ordered structure and compliance within our brains. Learning in itself is a process that utilizes hypnosis to gain and assimilate new information.

Hypnosis is a receptive state that allows incoming information to assemble. How we use the information is up to us. I work to ensure that you use your information with fully autonomous awareness - making changes where you desire.

My goal is to help you regain this autonomy through hypnosis - a natural, relaxed state that helps you access the mind in an unhindered way. It is often undoing "old hypnosis" that we were unaware was even happening!

The conscious mind is your thinking mind, and it holds everything that you're aware of.

Your subconscious is accessed through hypnosis, and it is the mind that holds habits and beliefs that you are either aware or unaware of. Your subconscious wants the best for you, and I desire to remind you of your own self-healing abilities by bringing your own interactive awareness into cooperation with your unconscious patterns and beliefs. I want to help you attain clear self-awareness and autonomy using a method that is natural, effective, familiar, and quick. Most are surprised at how easy it is!

Hypnotherapy is a beautiful method of self-healing because it can target specific issues.

Spiritual hypnotherapy is the method I use which opens you up to contact your own unconscious and become aware of what you may not have known before!

It can both show you unconscious limiting beliefs AS WELL AS help you find the tools to overcome and reintegrate them.

So rather than sitting back and just listening to yet another person (me) tell you what to think and do, I facilitate you to do it all on your own for yourself.

While most people may be confused as to how this is possible, it is easy, natural, and available to everybody. I do not ask leading questions or implant suggestions (unless they are for you to feel good or to achieve what you've expressed you desire)! I keep my intuitive consultations separate from my hypnotherapy because I seek to remind my clients that we all can access these answers for ourselves.

A spiritual hypnotherapy experience opens up so many new realms of understanding and possibility. It is self-contact in the most intimate, connected way. I work to ensure that you remember how to stay connected in your daily life by understanding just how natural it is.

My goal is that we all live the life that we choose for ourselves.

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