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The Age of Aquarius

The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction heralding the New Age

Remember that Christmas Star? Jupiter and Saturn were all a-snuggle as the Winter Solstice wound into our purview.

The New Age is more than self-help, green smoothies, and crystals. It is an energetic upswing that has been remembered, held, cherished, and foretold since we "fell" as humans into the dimension we now call the material plane. This was part of the Great Spiritual Cycles agreed to in our sacred contracts we made with each other before compelling ourselves into form.

So many of us remember being priestesses, priests, and initiates. We are back now, we are here and continuing our work.

The pyramids are structures found all over the world, not just in ancient Egypt. The Dolmens of Russia, the Mounds of the Americas - there are many examples left for us. These are examples of structures that were erected to help us hold on to the energy of the Golden Age through the Kali Yuga. The structures were multipurpose, but via the energy held and utilized there by our ancestors and past lives, we anchored the higher heavens into Earth until we learned to crystallize our pain into the wisdom that it is.

This process of crystallization required a very tough, low density.

As a diamond requires immense pressure to become what it is, we are undergoing this same process of sacred alchemy.

The Christmas Star was a public display of this crystallization. It echoed deep into our subconscious the memories of how this process works, why it is important, and why you are on the "healing path."

This is the special time where we swing back up and out of the Kali Yuga dark age cycle. It is a celebration of sorts; a victory. We have been handed a celestial participation trophy. The work is individual, but it deeply affects the team. Holographic in nature, when one lights a spark the fire spreads like 100 monkeys simultaneously learning across an archipelago.

This is the upgrade. Brought to us by the Sun, and the Sun behind our Sun. Who has risen again for us and titrated the exact light and frequency that we could handle. Beautiful beings of light and love that are sending this careful new energy across the heavens, straight to us, bringing us new stories.

Like a heart opening, our planet detoxes as it thaws and freezes, letting go of what no longer is.

Old stories remain but the energy is different.

The sting is gone, the scars transfigured.

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