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What is Intentional Reality?

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Intentional Reality is the realization that our unconscious mind manifests as physical reality. Our lives are a reflection of our inner creation, directed by our conscious and unconscious belief systems.

To cultivate a relationship with this Universal Law is to empower yourself and grow in self awareness. The act of intentionally manifesting puts you in contact with your power and gives you the life you were meant to have.

The magic of manifesting lies in following your synchronicities to your ultimate, unlimited happiness.

Synchronicities are the Universe setting you on the path of least resistance to your Higher Purpose - and greatest happiness!

Manifesting Olivia Bishop

Coincidences don't exist.

But synchronicities do! They are ways which you see in the world what you've been thinking or feeling, typically in an uncanny fashion. Pay attention to how the synchronicity is a message from the universe to you.

Focus on what you prefer, feel wonderful, and pay heed whenever triumphs occur.

Celebrate your synchronicities. Trust that they are the guideposts from your Higher Self that will lead you to your highest joy and soul purpose.

Take note of what you are creating in your life, and start to take back your creative power with responsibility, ownership, and joy. Stillness of mind is the key, and this can be practiced daily. Hypnosis can help you remember how good this feels, and gives you a quick insight into the life you are meant to have.

As you gain self-awareness through your thoughts, you remember that your life is magical.

It's more than just "thoughts are things." This can be very true, in the sense that everything that exists in physical reality began as a thought, or began in the imagination. But our life circumstances are set up in such a way that our blockages are made known to us. We become "aware of what we are blind to" by looking closely at our life and what it is trying to tell us.

To do this, we can ask ourselves:

What blockages are being shown to me through my life circumstances?

What are my negative emotional reactions pointing to inside myself that need healing?

In what ways can I hold more joy and abundance in life?

We all may need help with this process for an outside perspective from time to time. But each of us is capable of doing this work for ourselves! This sacred work leads us down the path of self-awareness.

Be happy!

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