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Why consult an intuitive?

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

I work as an "intuitive" in that I receive answers psychicly from my higher guidance and yours in order to get answers to your questions, either conscious or unconscious, from the spiritual to the mundane.

It is work that everyone can do. WE ARE ALL PSYCHIC. However, not everyone wants to use their intuition to work as a spiritual counselor, and not everyone is keyed in to their higher guidance systems for various reasons.

My goal with all my sessions is to work toward your healing and to answer the questions you bring to the table for your highest good and spiritual growth.

Intuitive Nashville

I work to help you gain understanding about your life with spiritual guidance.

This guidance comes usually from my Higher self, but can also come from my spirit guides or yours, your Higher Self, or any other helpful, positive spirit beings that have something to say about your questions. (More on these sources of guidance in later posts.)

My clients and I talk about everything - from any spiritual topics they are interested in, to questions about their life purpose, to specific questions about what actions to take next. We can also discuss guides that are showing up, consult passed-over relatives as well as anyone else that wants to show up and help you on your spiritual path.

The methods that I as an intuitive receive communications are via the "Clairs," which is French for "clears." These are: clairvoyance - clear inner seeing; clairsentience - inner feeling; clairaudience - inner hearing; and claircognizance - inner knowing.

These methods of receiving information are perfectly natural and built into every living human, with various degrees of strength and efficiency, much like musical ability. As we all know, some people drop into this world completely musically gifted, while others work hard at it daily - and you wouldn't be able to tell them apart in their concerts! My point here is that even if these methods of receiving information do not feel natural for you, they can be cultivated like any talent - with practice!

Sometimes, they are shut down in order to protect you. For me, I was highly psychic as a child and would tell my parents' friends facts about themselves that startled them and made them (and my parents!) angry. I had no idea it wasn't common knowledge! I began to shut these faculties down so I could be more "normal," "acceptable," and "good."

In my later twenties, I began to accept these abilities and I have since re-opened them with help from other spiritual counselors and teachers. I completely understand how this happened to me and how it happens to others, and I seek to help others realize this for themselves. If you are feeling like you want to develop your intuition, there's a reason for that and you should follow it!

I hope this helps answer some of the questions about seeing an intuitive for a session, and please feel free to email me with any questions for future posts!

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