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A Guide to my Regression Sessions

If you have booked a regression with me, or are considering it, this is a great guide to read for what to expect, how I work, and my personal philosophy. I also explain the different aspects we can focus on in a regression and the different types that I do. Know that if you book one type, you still have the option of experiencing all of the types within your session!

My personal philosophy on spirituality is one of autonomy.

We have exited the age of the guru. We no longer supplicate and give away our power to the words and will of others. We are now in the Intuitive Age, or the age of Aquarius, or the age of awakening. Here, now, we are learning how to deeply connect within ourselves, for our own growth and healing.

In my regressions, we reconnect to the deep layers of discernment inherent within to help us navigate our outer world. We may see symbols, colors, or beings that don’t make sense but we hold the intention for clarity, and meanings become clear in time. I go into my regressions as a guide. I “lead you” into your own safe space of healing, but I do not “lead” or “suggest” anything other than to find your own framework that helps you psychically navigate your surroundings. I ask open-ended questions that leave room for a “no,” and leave room to correct me, or to explain yourself more in detail.

This process is deeply validating, as we receive answers to our questions, meet guides and angels, and talk to loved ones and animals. Sometimes I have clients that have shamanic-style journeys for the duration. Other times I have clients that meet and talk to their guides for all the answers! I also have clients that spontaneously find themselves experiencing a past life or two, in order to make sense of their present. There is always a connection to the present life situation whenever we see a past life.

Past Life Regressions are incredibly healing, as we go in with the intention to focus on past life healing. These can be very helpful for nagging physical or emotional ailments that make no sense and seemingly have no cure, as past lives deal with the karmic levels of our being. They can also come up on their own, either a quick glimpse to give us some perspective, or a full-on, relived experience. Positive feelings and enlightened ways of being that we held in a past life can seep into our very being, reminding us of how we used to live, and who we used to be. This is a powerful form of remembering who we are. Oftentimes, our most relevant past lives can remain with us in the form of a guide. Their energy continues to aid and lead you through your life, and they have a sense of your direction as well as the purpose you laid out intentionally in your Life-Between-Lives.

Life-Between Life Regressions are where we focus on the place we went right before we incarnated into this life. We take a look at where have come from, and our experiences thus far. We then tune in to the process of spiritually readying ourselves before we incarnated, and the purpose and focus we chose. These things are holographic: we find our essence and purpose etched into our palm; reflected in our astrology chart. We radiate with the energy of our purpose AND our past attainment! This commonly called our "energy" or "resonance", and it draws toward us whatever we need next. This natural manifestation process is often referred to as “karma.” These sessions usually leave you with a deeper understanding of what you are resonating, and thus what you are manifesting, and can be incredibly helpful for how to shift.

Intuitive Development Regressions are focused on helping you navigate your “clairs.” I focus on explaining how you receive the strongest, and then we can work on the others as needed. One of the things I usually start with is introducing the spirit guide responsible for your psychic development! This is a very exciting process, and meeting them is profound and healing in itself. The process of their meeting is also strongly developmental for you intuitively. (I use psychic and intuitive as interchangeable words.) We focus on what the guide wants us to know, both about our life and about our development. We then ask practical questions on changes and improvements for our life and our intuition.

Meeting your Spirit Guides is a very sacred process. In my regressions and readings, my clients’ guides rush forward and are all around you! I find that it is much easier to invite them in and work with them directly, because their energy is so healing, loving, and strong. Regressions that are focused on meeting your guides is a great starting point to get your questions answered. Just know that they will most likely be coming forward in any regression with me! They are a connection that you can always tune into, and in points of our life when we need support, guides can provide some of the most beautiful healing. Sometimes we just need the extra help in remembering to tune into them, and that’s what regressions are for!

My regressions are a very relaxing, easy process.

I ask that you don’t drink too much caffeine or stimulants beforehand, so that you can fully relax. I also ask that you are in a room by yourself, with the door closed, where no pets or other people/partners/children will come in. I suggest using the restroom beforehand, as well as having a glass of water nearby. Have yourself set up in a comfortable position. I have had people use comfortable computer chairs, propped up on their bed, in a recliner, or sitting up with pillows. Just have your camera pointed at your face in a stable way, to remain there for the duration of your session. I will start recording when you speak, and the recording remains on the Chat function of our Skype call for the next 30 days! I believe there may be a way you can save or download it. It is a simple process of relaxation, and our collective intention creates a strong energy that pushes you though any blockages while guiding you toward your next steps!

Our collective intention is very important, and I start out all my sessions with it. I ask you to share yours, and my intention is ALWAYS for your highest and best healing. I ask your highest guides and higher self to come forward and oversee your self work, and they are always so excited to see your progress! I also have mine with me, holding me as a clear vessel of love and light and healing for you. I would always suggest that you feel a resonance with the energy of the person doing a regression for you. They are deep spiritual processes and it is important that you feel safe, even if you feel a bit nervous at first! This is very normal, and usually signifies that you are about to come to a turning point in your life.

Love to you!!


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