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How I Raised my Frequency

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

This is a concise description of how I pulled myself out of a low-frequency, depressed life. These are basically the steps to snap the rubber band on programming of a negative nature, be it from poor parenting, brainwashing, MK Ultra, or really any other trauma. I am direct here, and I speak with the intention to convey my process. My goal is that you may overhaul your energy with more direction, ease, and finesse than I did!

You may be starting from scratch like I was, or you may have already pulled yourself up and only need some tweaking in these areas to continue the work you started. This is a list to help you break down the work into steps, as well as recognize and appreciate what work you have already done. Know that this is a huge project, and can be a lifelong one, so give yourself time and grace to do each step. Also know that if you have arrived here, then you have likely done a lot of work already, and can use much of this article as validation to continue on your way.

Releasing guilt and judgement is really the first step here!

-- Shift your Lifestyle --

This is a big deal. If you have been in a depressive slump, if you have lost sight of your interests, hobbies, or purpose, or feel connected to my story in any way - this is where to start! Habits must be addressed before your life will change into what you want it to be; before you can move into your highest timelines. I'm not going to get super specific with mine here on purpose: I found that reading details about others' vices gave my subconscious material to hold onto my own, especially if they were the same. There are plenty of specific blogs on letting go of every vice out there if that is what you need!

I had to address my habitual patterns of numbing out.

Addictions, compulsions, and substances only keep us afloat for a short time and we can get hooked because we are in a bad place - not because they are good things. Take an honest assessment of your life and stop doing the addictive practices! Get the support you need in your process. I wasn't sure what mine were at first, and I didn't want to admit what I needed to cut out. Even now, in a very different place, I take regular inventory of habitual things and work to tweak them. (Currently I am watching my coffee intake - it isn't harmful in itself but I have to keep an eye on my tendency to overdo it. Balance is key!)

To do this, take an inventory of things you do daily, and particularly what you would LEAST like to give up, and you will see what you are most attached to. That may be the first thing that needs to go. Addictive substances have no place in a high frequency lifestyle, and deceive us into thinking they are helpful while draining us of life force over time. For example, coffee helped tremendously on sleep-deprived days but grew to be a burden on my adrenals once they became fatigued. Sometimes, things that were okay for others are not okay for us. Sometimes things that used to be okay are not any longer. I found it transformational to be able to admit this to myself.

You can also ask safe loved ones closest to you for input on this one. The act of making yourself vulnerable to be open to constructive criticism is a great lesson in being okay with discomfort. And there may be more of once you quit your numbing habits! Just know that when it arises, it is a great sign that you have made a good shift for yourself and KEEP IT UP! At first, I had to ask for support and accountability to end strong habits and get through the resulting discomfort, which quickly passed.

Cleanses and detoxes are great resets to make this shift. They help reset your body and mind so that better habits can more easily take root and be established. A good cleanse will weed and fertilize the "inner soil" of our gut flora for easier planting of better habits. Diet can really affect your mental and emotional bodies due to the intimate connection between the brain and the gut, so be aware of how foods make you feel! Changing your diet can be a miraculous transformation!

**Note: if you fall into any kind of disordered eating category, steer clear from restriction in any form, and instead watch/feel/know how foods affect you. This is also known as "mindful eating." Detoxes and cleanses are not the best for those with disordered backgrounds, as they can be a trigger, but know that you CAN work up to a place where detoxes can be safely done. I had to be very careful regarding cleanses and fasts due to this, but over a period of years, I came to a place where it was no longer a trigger. I would suggest professional help in the form of therapy with this process if that is the case for you, as that is what worked for me.

--Choose different people --

End relationships that hold you back.

Release ties to people that are still engaging in your old bad habits. This may be a love relationship, parental relationship, or friends. You can deal with this in subtle ways with parents and friends, loosening the bond slowly by creating distance and space, which works well to wean both parties away. Boundary creation is the key here, and there may be a learning curve if you are incredibly empathic/sensitive/conditioned to a co-dependent way of being.

If the relationship is incredibly toxic and the ability to work on things is not there, cutting it off completely in certain situations can be, in my personal opinion, a fabulous thing to do that “rips off the band-aid.” It can be uncomfortable, but gets much better over time and you reap the rewards immediately. You will have more energy to dedicate toward your own healing journey because it will not be going outward to others. In fact, a smaller circle around you is one of the natural things that occurs on a high frequency healing journey, at least at first. You start to rely on your own energy and your inner connections and you do not need others in the ways you used to. Safe, supportive people that represent who you want to become, and who are dedicated to the same level of self-work and care that you are, are the kinds of people to surround yourself with instead.

Note: they may even be uncomfortable to be around at first! New people and a new circle may invoke fear or even jealousy. This can be interpreted as a good thing; a nudge to continue onward with that connection. Know that any jealousy is an inner directive that they may just be further along down a path you wish to be on yourself! Celebrate the fact that you have even become aware of that path. There is a difference between a person who makes you uncomfortable as they bring you up out of your comfort zone, and a person who makes you uncomfortable because they are constantly sliming you. Knowing the difference between the discomfort of aversion/jealousy and the sinking feeling that comes with a toxic, co-dependent relationship are very important to distinguish within yourself. As your resonance shifts, be mindful enough that you are aware it is a shift for the better!

--Change your Environment --

How clear and clean is your home, both on the physical and the energetic level?

I once lived in a house that I was very attached to, and especially to the trees on that land. It took a difficult situation where we were forced out for me to finally accept that the energy there was incredibly toxic on the astral level. I just did not want to see it, and I had been doing so much work to connect with the good that existed there, that I had completely “spiritually bypassed” the general, overall feel. You will keep hearing about the ways that I have bypassed in the past, but this one was my most detrimental as it kept me in a holding pattern for a period of two years. I could find the good in anything, but also I just could not shake the funk or the irresistible urge to engage in bad habits. The lower astral influence over the land of that area is what I became aware of. When we were forced out, I was devastated, but it was the best thing that had ever happened to me! I was angry until I realized that the lower astral entities, shadow men, proximity to a government underground base/FEMA camp, and vulnerability to electronic frequencies/high voltage electricity wires were a horrendous recipe for my energy.

Love can be an action. Especially when recovering from co-dependent habits or trauma, we must exert our power to change the things that we have control over. This tells the universe that we know what we are worth, and the resonant frequencies respond accordingly. We often tell ourselves we “can’t change” things that we can, and they are often what needs changing the most. Things that you may not be able to change or affect are what I am referring to when I say not to fall for victim mentality, and to keep the mind strong. There is a big difference to discern here.

You can also CLEAR the energy of your home by different means - intention, the elements (water, smoke, herbs), and a general connection to the spirit of the “nonsoil garden” of your home! This should be a regular process, just as important as the very sacred, shamanic work of decluttering and cleaning and organizing your living space. This is a co-creative process, and we can work to gain a greater understanding of the interplay of energy between us and our living space.

Moving can be a great process that uplifts us, and so can the simple act of a clearing. Feng shui is the Chinese energetic principle of the energy in your home and I have always considered it very helpful. But have a practitioner help you with it if you are unfamiliar, and don’t be like me and completely botch it with a misunderstanding. I once put a Feng shui mirror facing inward into my house, which was serving as a portal for all kinds of things to come in and no way to escape! So, now I ask for help from those around me that are better at this than me.

--Upgrade your headspace --

Take up a meditation practice!

For those who have seen my videos, you know I suggest learning a very simple, non-mantra technique from a (FREE!)10-day Vipassana course. Of course this is a very immersive process; it had to be that way for me to learn it. You can also take a mindfulness class, join a group, or hire a personal instructor. I would HIGHLY suggest taking some kind of training for this, because I learned that there was a very big difference in the way I was “meditating” at home alone by myself, assuming I knew what meditation was and to “just clear the mind,” and actual mindfulness training, techniques, and support! There is also a big difference with mindfulness and the “guided meditations” that I loved. These are amazing and have their place, I still do them and benefit, and even lead group classes and individual regressions using some of these techniques. But it is not the same as knowing how to tune deeply into your own body, your own experience, and sit with it without running away. That is true mindfulness.

Clarity and purity of thought is quite simply THE most important thing to raising your frequency!

With even just a little headway in this area, you will feel your life shifting and synchronizing in ways that will bring joy and delight to your life. This is overstated in spiritual teachings but it also just cannot be overstated! It is the very reason why spiritual masters are masters. We all would benefit from working on it. Some of us have the ability or the karma or the general make-up to do this easier than others. I had the hardest time meditating and not running away, and it was not because I hadn’t achieved spiritual progress in past lives, so don't let yourself fall into that ego trap or negative thinking. It was because of the situation I chose to incarnate into and the personality/makeup of my energy that did not lend itself to meditation naturally. Astrology air signs and Ayurvedic vatas out there will know what I am talking about! Just because this does not come easily does not mean you shouldn’t keep pushing for it! If I can do it, anyone can. And it gets easier!

So again, some yoga or meditation classes as well as private meditation instruction can help support you on your meditation journey, as well as put you in touch with like-minded people and energy! I also bombarded myself with beauty and inspiration for my mental headspace, rather than the usual fear and mayhem of the news, media, and social medias. Cut these things out completely and do a “fast” at first. Fill your mental stream instead with genuine art and nature and beauty and your life passion. Steer clear at first from material that is overly dramatic, showy, or ego-building. These things will cease to affect you over time. But they are great things to cut out as you clear and reset, resting a tired and overloaded mind and ego!

--Engage in Emotional Hygiene --

This is done via thought change and mindfulness, where you start settling further into your body, and further into the feeling space of the heart. It is a very important place to be, and crucial to the awakening of your intuition.

You could choose to support yourself through therapy with a good therapist that can help you work through childhood wounds. You could choose a good holistic practitioner that supports emotional health through the mind-body connection. I have done everything, probably! Know that most therapists will be out of their depth of training with MK Ultra, Milab, or mind control stuff. You can just stick to the core sensations and childhood wounds with them. Seek out alternative practitioners whose energy you feel drawn to that are well-versed in occult abuse for the deeper occult issues.

Facing trauma and issues head-on when you are ready and in a supported place is uncomfortable, but the work is quicker. I would even say easier in the end, as you leave it less open to your karma via your weak spots. Instead, the discomfort and work will be more directed within the allotted time of the session!

Remember that you have to reach a certain level of energy to heal those deepest layers, so see it as a process, and work on the outer wounds first. With this, we build a solid foundation complete with the built-in support of our lifestyle and meditation practice. This allows deep healing to naturally start taking place, going exactly where you need to go in your own timing. Remember that you have all the memories stored there for you IF you want them, as no personal experience can truly be kept from you intuitively. Sometimes we don't need the exact memories back, but sometimes we are either bombarded with them or seek them out. As long as we are not operating out of aversion toward them, it is fine to not have to relive every grisly encounter! Certain situations demand facing, while others want to be let go. Your own, autonomous spiritual connection will show you the best way for you.

So again, I suggest supportive things like uplifting spiritual books that are not heavy on the dark, traumatic details - these things can be delved into later when your energy is stronger, if it is validating. Also, uplifting YouTube channels (I recommend Gigi Young’s channel!), spiritual groups like meditation support circles and yoga classes, spiritual mentors or people who are living in the frequency you would most like to embody, beauty that is genuine and innocent, devoid of the ego, and authentic, expressive art that speaks to your soul. Find your people!!! This will afford you more emotional support than anything else, as people on the same healing journey buoy our emotional bodies, affording priceless validation that rebuilds trust in life.

--Continue the Work --

Don’t stop!

Just because you reach a significant breakthrough or change does not mean that you have “arrived” or are “fully healed” and it’s time to stop. The healing journey is a lifelong process. I DO love the idea of celebrating my accomplishments to truly recognize the work I have done, and I recommend you do that in a healthy way. But the idea that “you can stop now” comes from the ego and allows us to slide backward into a passive state. You can easily see this with spiritual teachers who have grown complacent in their energy. They usually start out with accurate, good information, but become increasingly egotistical or energetically off. I perceive them as cautionary tales rather than judgment, as I always hold the intention that they can pull up their energy again the way that I did mine.

It should be noted that as you continue the work, you may begin to notice a “psychic attack” coming from outside you, lower in astral frequency. This is often confused with our own pain rising up to be dealt with! There is a subtle but important difference, as psychic attack cannot introduce anything new into our field. It can only use what has been weakened, wounded, or abandoned inside us. It is an outside force that amplifies and manipulates our blind spots or weak areas unnaturally. We can use the details of the attack to grow and heal, and then start tuning in to see if it’s a trigger of our own, pushed to the surface by another person, or if it’s a sudden, strong “sliming” of energy out of nowhere, which seems to come from a specific location. Sometimes these are one and the same, and it is important to take ownership of the places within us that need a look. Even if you are being psychically attacked, you can grow your energy to a place where you are bolstered to any interference, and actually use the attack instead to go deeper into your healing work!

As you come to know yourself in deeper and deeper ways, begin to mindfully face any areas of aversion and pain rather than running or withdrawing from them. Have an open, curious, nonjudgemental, flexible mindset. Lean in to vulnerability and get to know it, rather than succumbing to the shame and urge to hide, or go back on your word. Vulnerability is one of the most difficult areas to be okay in for those of us with childhood trauma and especially occult abuse.

Be open when your support system points out a weak spot! Our closest relationships are our training ground. We are no longer in the age of the guru; we have now lived enough lives meditating in caves that we can bring our wisdom to our village and into a home life! Be mindful if you habitually go into the defensive or hide, like you most likely had to do as a child. Change the story, change the habits. Aversions are weak spots in the aura that are open to “psychic attack,” attachment, or areas where you could see karma play out. Being aware of this helped motivate me instead of bringing me down any longer, and I seek to spread that same awareness. Even if it was uncomfortable, it only meant greater energy and success were available to me later. It cleared the way for the manifestation of things that I wanted to bring into fruition to become instantaneous. Self-work and continually showing up for yourself through discomfort is the real Secret!

This post is long, but it is merely the Cliffnotes version of what I did to raise my frequency. There is so much more detail to get into, and each point could have been a post of their own. Please don't hesitate to reach out and engage with me if you have any questions or stories about your own healing experience!

Love and gratitude to you!!!

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