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Messages from Nature

We know that nature heals.

We sense that getting into nature can aid and speed healing, especially as sensitives.

But why is this? What is it about the natural world that is helpful to our modern-day lives?

How does it help us open our psychic senses?

How can we start to receive messages from nature?

Nature reconnects us to the electromagnetic planetary grid

The earth has her own electrical circuit, just like we do. Even though she does not have a beating heart exactly like ours, she has rhythms, meridians, and veins. Getting out and bathing in these meridians, or her “ley lines” helps our own electromagnetic field, or “aura.” It calms down the circuits that have become stuck in stressful fight-or-flight, and it grounds the ungrounded “wiring” within us that leave us prone to burnout. It rewires us. Our electrical body relates to our etheric body; to our magnetic self, and to our psychic self. They are intertwined.

Connecting deeply to the Ley lines of the earth is connecting deeply to planetary memory. The ancient ages that have been forgotten and suppressed speak to us out of the meridians of the earth, welling up inside us like discovering hidden pockets of water. It is life-giving to the soul to remember the old eras and the old ways in which our ancestors lived, connected, and communed with nature and with each other. It is an ancient form of healing at a very subtle level.

Nature RE - sensitizes us

If we stay sedentary, indoors too long, we lose out on our natural connection to the circadian rhythm of the earth and sun. This light cycle directly attaches to our pineal gland when it is functioning optimally and smoothly. We want to get back into cycle with the planets - the sun and moon, and the natural cycles they create within us. This puts our pineal gland back into balance, helping us function better on both the psychic and the physical body.

Nature also gives us an immersive experience of surround sound, far visuals, and temperature and wind to feel on the skin. Noticing these senses again can closely attune us to our power of observation and increase its sensitivity. This is part of the re-connection process to psychic sensitivity. Empaths require this almost like water, in my experience; it is soul medicine.

Animal Messages

Remember Old Night in the show The OA?

One of my favorite things to do is to connect to animals. I feel that animals are relatively easy to connect to and decode, and you will start receiving messages from them right away if you hold the intention to receive and notice them.

I have always loved animals of all kinds, and I love seeing them in nature, noticing the timing, noticing my thoughts and feelings at the time of their arrival, and noticing all the symbolic detail about them : what direction are they going? What is their demeanor? Where are they headed? What was I just thinking? How was I feeling just then? These are the questions I notice first. I sometimes look up the “metaphysical meaning” of that animal, and I always meditate on their meaning for me.

For example, lately I have had many animal messages related to power and my use of my own. I have seen skunk, raccoon, and snake close-up and they each have a different message regarding power and how I can use it properly, move it, and heal core wounds associated with it.

Tree Messages

Even more abstract and sensitive are the trees. Listening to the trees has always been one of the most helpful and powerful ways of connecting both to nature and to myself. Trees have provided me with the conduit to access my psychic world like gigantic antennae, stretching up into the cosmic realm while maintaining a firm, rooted, grounded base on mother earth. I have always felt they have much to teach us, and wrapping my arms around them and connecting my heartbeat to their trunk has always instantly dropped me into a place of coherent serenity.

I used to do this all the time as a child, and I would spend hours on my tree swing, singing and feeling wind. It woke me back up in my twenties when I was sitting underneath a small weeping willow with a lot of “troubles” on my mind. I hadn’t listened to the trees in ages. But as my chaotic thought forms were racing about, making me feel tightened up and stressed, suddenly a voice popped into my head along with the signature of the name “Elsa.” It said: “Just be!” She imparted a smiling countenance of stillness. It startled me, as I remembered from long ago how I used to do this, and how happy I was. It cut into the chaos within my head.

I began to talk to Elsa from then on, giving her my worries and feeling her smiling stillness like one would experience talking to a monk or a nun. Since we don’t have easy access to these holy people any more in modern-day America, trees fill the void easily. Nature, in general, fills voids. It grows into whatever holes or chaos is created, seeking to smooth over whatever is unnatural. It is always seeking to come back to itself, and we would do well to do the same.

Another example of tree messages is scrying. You can use just about anything for scrying, like water or crystals or glass. But since I had such a strong previous established rapport with trees, it came easily to me use them for this.

It awakened within me when I started seeing shapes in the branches of the tree outside my window where I had tea every morning. I would sit there and relax, gazing outside, and the branches seemed to start talking to me. This reminded me of the Bible passage I had heard as a kid in church that “even the rocks will cry out” if one is disconnected from God, which I was at the time, stuck indoors, no longer connecting to my spirit and higher self.

I was attempting to process a mysterious trauma I couldn’t even remember but could feel. The trees were the vessel upon which my subconscious projected its truth. My higher self was trying to get through; it was trying to speak. But it needed a familiar message board that would get through to me. I realized nature is always trying to get these messages through to us. It’s up to our sensitivity and powers of observation and equanimity that we will be aware of the constant levels of synchronicity around us.

Oddly enough, the shape in the branches that I saw was of a UFO.

I ignored it for many weeks, although the impression remained with me, in the back of my mind. I had no idea why I was drawn to this shape and its meaning, and I even wondered why I didn’t reject it immediately. I stayed open even though at the time I had only had fuzzy memories and visuals that felt distant, like recalling a dream from long ago.

The shape seemed to follow me, and I would see this shape in the trees anywhere I would go. Finally, I started reading about UFOs and the aliens that I thought of when I saw them, which happened to be the grays. This led me down a long rabbit hole of healing, as the grays had been responsible for much trauma I experienced as a child and young adult, and with the mental inquiry came memories trickling in, as I had finally accepted it. It just felt “right.” The trees are an excellent conduit to healing and growth if we are able to expand our awareness to their subtle frequency. Staying open enough to accept subtle messages rather than constantly denying or suppressing what we “get” is an exercise in psychic ability as well. We must stay open and flexible, always. This is how we build “psychic strength.” It is the flexible reed that bends but does not break.

The process of expanding the psychic awareness starts in nature. It is a beautiful feedback loop of clearing, healing, observing, and messages that continues as we strengthen our connections to both our own spirit and the beautiful planet upon which we have chosen to incarnate.

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