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My Psychic Pre-Reading Process

So much of my early life was built upon stopping the flow of information.

I had lost my psychic sight because I had lost sight of my childlike trust in my own flow; my own intuitive process.

Sessions with each of you is a joyous occasion. Not only is the experience of sitting in your purpose and journey together with you of epic beauty, but it is also MY purpose to do this, and my journey was to learn how to open it back up. For that alone, I am forever grateful to my clients: all of you beautiful souls who allow me in to share in your worlds and in your experiences, thank you!

Here, I describe my process so that you know the personal, spiritual, psychic process behind my readings and regressions with you.

Before sitting down for our session, I have you on my mind and heart by that morning. By the time we start, I have already done much of the work necessary for our time together, even though I always leave space and intention for the session to be an organic, dynamic co-creation. It often flows so naturally it's like a conversation between friends.

I start with meditation.

I have studied Vipassana and Anapana meditation, which are forms of mindfulness, but my pre-reading meditations hold more intention in the same way that a prayer does. I keep it simple and open. I do a quick "systems check" of all the "Clairs" as I use the visual prayer described below.

I open my energy wide and draw my heart into connection with the client, and with what I label the "Infinite Divine Source," or God. I triangulate between my heart, the clients' heart, and the Infinite Divine. I picture the Infinite as the Great Central Sun that is activated as a supermassive portal: a gigantic, rotating white rainbow ball of light that spreads out like wings on each side. This clairvoyant picture is merely a vessel to hold my focus and intention, as this picture is what presented itself to me early on in my spiritual journey, and has held a deeply sentimental, loving, and symbolic meaning for me. I like it because it represents a wide, open range of dimension and space that I draw from as directed in your reading.

I set an intention for your highest healing and as much love and light as I can possibly hold, and any information pertinent to our session together. I ask my guides to come forward and speak to and through me as the emissaries of light that they are. This is why I ask for your intention on my intake form when you are booking; your intention directs my focus and sets the stage for our session. With my audience, some of my clients want to develop their intuition, talk about relationships, or learn more about their guides, while others want to know about possible dissociative identity disorder or ritual abuse. This distinction helps me know where you'd like me and my guidance team to place focus.

Then I allow any information to come forward for you. It could be in the form of pictures, words, downloaded knowings, sensations, emotions, sounds, or smells - the clairs. This is the heart and substance of my work. Meditating and trusting where my thoughts take me is part of my claircognitive process after I have the vessel of our shared intentions in place. I allow pictures and words to come in, fleshing out the story and giving dimension to your journey. I allow the clairs to meld together in an immersive experience, and I will often write down what I am getting, sometimes doodling or drawing alongside.

Sometimes what flows through me beforehand is a backstory that remains unspoken, as space is held elsewhere. Sometimes my sessions are more active listening, as people come forward with stories beyond what the mainstream would think possible. Sometimes a more intuitive counseling is employed as your guides give message after message in timely fashion, meant to direct your upward shift in timeline. (This always happens, as a matter of fact!) Sometimes my sessions use more clairvoyance, where I am seeing details and facets pertinent to the questions, particularly in mediumship readings where evidential messages are at the heart of the healing.

If I have a mediumship reading - a connection to lost loved ones reading - I will usually focus clairvoyantly on all the people coming forward for them and then leave the rest for when I am actively in session. If I have cosmic questions like about visitations, abductions, or extraterrestrial spirit guides, I tend to blend claircognition with clairvoyance. When someone wants intuitive development help, I will feel empathically into them and help troubleshoot or kickstart their path. The real beauty of our session is our real-time connection, though, where my information is shared and expanded upon with you, and I empathically gauge timing for the messages as the guides come forward.

I recently passed the American Federation of Astrologers 8-hour Certification exam for astrology, and have added that tool to my process, which is why I ask for birth info on my intake form (if desired). Mostly this is just for fun, but also for my practice as I grow as an astrologer.

I can use your chart to catch some accurate timing patterns that I may otherwise not focus on. The birth chart says so much about our karma, direction, struggles, strengths, gifts, and purpose. Using it as an extra tool in readings can help define timing if used in predictive astrology. With karmic and archetypal astrology, I use it to build buffers into highly emotional experiences, allowing us to understand dynamics as karma that could otherwise feel too close and personal to be able to handle. It gives perspective because we are then seeing from a higher position, and it can be easier to move through uncomfortable feelings when we understand them from a different vantage point than being directly in it.

I have always loved being surrounded by magical things. Sometimes just for fun, I will grab a tarot or oracle deck from my personal collection that feels pertinent to the energy of my client and sit surrounded in a Celtic Cross spread for them as we do the reading. The cards are pure intuition and flow-state fun for me, as I have had no formal training in them and my study of tarot is relatively new. If I am feeling a sense of nervousness on the part of the incoming client, sometimes adding extra elements of lighthearted fun and play to my morning routine eases the empathic circuitry. Crystals like quartz spheres, tele-stone and azurite, amethyst, and lapis lazuli are my favorite to have around. I keep shungite pieces under my computer and on my phone to settle feelings of ungroundedness and disarrayed brainwaves that can set in if I'm around too much technology for too long.

As described here, I will often get animal or nature signs for you. Especially if I sit outside, walk, or drive outside the house the morning before our reading, I will receive relevant signs regarding our session. Particularly from birds or feathers. I have received pictures from trees, stories from a circle of vultures, experiences with turtles, and long, clairaudient messages from hawks circling directly overhead. If I am not outside, these signs come to my window. I have learned that cutting out the psychic function requires so much more energy than merely allowing it in!

I have built this personal process over time as I grew, as my guides changed, and as I healed, finally allowing the flow rather than cutting it off. This process has been incorporated into my daily practice and lifestyle, giving it a dynamic form and function that I seek to embody in my work.

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